Best iOS SDK Tools

What are SDKs? A software development kit (SDK) consists of lines of code. SDK is a downloadable software package containing the resources you need to build on a platform. Some SDKs are key to the creation of an app unique to the platform. For example, building an Android app on the Java platform includes a Java Development Kit, the iOS SDK for the iOS applications, and the. NET Framework SDK for the Universal Windows Platform. Some SDKs are installed in applications to provide behavior analytics and data.In cases as basic as integrating one or more application programming interfaces (APIs) in the context of certain libraries, SDK’s can be used to communicate with a specific programming language or to include specialized hardware capable of interacting with an acceptable embedded device.

iOS SDKs can help develop the UX of the app in a multitude of ways, from beta testing and error detection to consumer experience monitoring and A / B testing. The blessing and the curse is there are plenty of iOS SDKs out there. We have compiled a list of the best iOS SDKs resources for 2020, to help you focus and ease your search.

1. UserTesting

The on-demand platform of UserTesting includes a community of over a million testers who can provide you with feedback in just a few hours. Based on the target populations the panel can be optimized. The website can also be used to hold live interviews in one day. UserTesting’s tool includes video formats to provide the feedback with clarification and accuracy. It also transcribes verbal responses from users automatically and makes them searchable to help you faster evaluate the reviews.

2. Appsee

Appsee’s qualitative app analytics platform not only provides session records and touch heatmaps but also incorporates them directly into other built-in analytics tools: conversion funnels, action cohorts, navigation analytics, and even crash video recordings that enable dev teams to recreate sequences that contributed to a crash. Appsee also features integrations from popular third parties platforms such as AppsFlyer, Crashlytics, Optimizely, Salesforce, Slack, and more. The Appsee SDK has a very small footprint, and integration requires just one line of coding.

3. UserExperior

The app analytics platform of UserExperior includes a multitude of tools like app heatmaps, session video replay, app crash and ANR session replay to monitor user experience. Real monitoring of users alongside the iOS heatmap analytics allows easy repair of the problems. Leaving aside consumer confidential details, this session replay tool captures any important information available in a high resolution recording.

4. Instabug

You should opt for Instabug anytime you need a bug fixing tool that also includes in-app reviews along with screenshots, screen recordings and other resources you may need to learn and repair bugs quicker. In the beta testing process, this specific SDK also has considerable uses as the beta testers will take a screenshot and draw on it to demonstrate precisely where they had a question. When the app goes online, Instabug also assists you in offering reliable in-app service so you can help consumers without having to abandon their computer.

5. Optimizely

When you’re talking of A / B testing, you certainly need Optimizely SDK. With its arsenal of software providing A / B testing tools for both the mobile web and smartphone devices. Optimizing is an easy-to-use, code-free visual editor that lets you make automatic visual improvements to whatever feature you are checking for A / B, and roll them out automatically without having to go through approvals from the app store, which we all know can be a dreary process.

6. Stripe

Stripe’s iOS SDK helps you to easily access credit card details with only a few lines of code, without gathering PCI data and using a fraud detection approach focused on Machine Learning. Stripe helps you to give your users a personalized experience on mobile phones and mobile sites, with pre-built and time-tested UI components.Stripe’s sleek UI and flexible payment options / styles help you to create your users the smoothest, most secure payment experience.

You are just as strong as your team in 2020 and the resources you’re using. There are of course hundreds of SDKs out there and choosing one can be daunting. This list has it all, from analytics to in-app reviews, to make your app creation even more effective. The “best” iOS SDKs are the ones that help you to gather actionable information, to act confidently on data and to automate quickly. This unique set of iOS SDKs will allow you to bear in mind the needs of your users, and eventually increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

By: Anjali Jain | April 20, 2020