Find the Best Session Replay Tool for Your Business

Do you wish to know what all users encounter while using your mobile app? Session replay helps accomplish that simply by making you aware of what all users do on your app.

Session replay is the recreation of the interactions of users on a mobile app precisely or as close as possible to how all users really encountered it. Session replay tools usually capture thing

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UserExperior Mobile Industry Glossary, All the Industry Terminology - All You Need To Know

Mobile app analytics is highly recognized these days. To be a master of app analytics you need to know the terminology of the mobile industry to the core. From app analytics to customer journey analytics Read More

Touch Heatmaps: The Future of Mobile App Usability Testing

Every click, swipe and tap that occurs on your app decides its entire usability. From swiping up to open a navigation menu or clicking to mark an item as favorite gestures are important bridges between your app and its end users. In case your users experience a slight amount

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What Is UX Analytics, And What Are The Best UX Analytics Tools

Have you checked your iOS or Android app analytics and found that your conversion rates are low while the bounce rates are high? Well, this is not a very good sign. You might not be able to pinpoint why your app pe

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How UX Analytics Can Improve Your Understanding of Your Consumer Decision Journeys

Want to know how users access and use your app? Then, take help from UX analytics, it extracts the behavioral data on your app visitors and showcases the customer decision journeys. This is ho

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7 Essential Points For Creating A Successful Mobile App Payment Screen

Whenever we make a mobile app purchase it always "pay before you take". If you want your users to do something, such as rate the app, allow notifications, or make a purchase, you should give them value first. Wherein an app is one of the most essential screens is the payment

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Screen Renaming feature has arrived!!!

UserExperior SDK automatically tracks the name of all your mobile app screens. This is the name that your developer team has added to their codebase. Hence, this is developer-specific and it is very difficult for a non-developer audience to identify mobile app screens by thi

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5 Ways to Improve User Experience and Reduce Bounce Rate

User experience is a key factor when you have created an app and want it to be a success. The way you treat the visitors on your app is a vital success factor. Many users stop using an app because of its poor performance. UserExperior’s Read More

Mobile App Tracking Tools: Why Should You Use Them?

Many developers dump their applications on the market at any opportunity and simply forget about them, while some developers carefully consider every step they take and work hard to make their product successful. If you are one of those developers who need to understand more

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