What is Real User Monitoring and Its Advantages

Real user monitoring is the ability to monitor your digital users/customers experience in real-time. There are many solutions which focus on real user monitoring such as performance monitoring

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9 Ideas on How to Reduce the Bounce Rate with Heatmap App - All You Need To Know

If your website has issues with the display, content, graphics, or any other aspect, then there are high chances that the visitor will exit your site and return to the search engine results. A heatmap tool Read More

Mobile App Analytics - An Important Driving Force in the Mobile Industry

Once you have built a mobile app that solves a real-life problem for its users, the next step is to gain and engage new users and generate revenue. This is where mobile app analytics tools come i

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Why It's Necessary to Pair Heatmap with Other Analytics for Better Insight

A mobile app Heatmap tool unveils the complete visual details of what is happening on your mobile application and will efficiently assist in troubleshooting problems and making changes as swiftly

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Touch Heatmap Analytics - How It Works And How To Get Started!

Touch Heatmap analytics are the standard yardstick of the mobile industry for measuring screen UX and app usability. A mobile Heatmap tool can answer all UX questions which can’t be answered us

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Native vs. Cross-Platform Development

The mobile app development market keeps growing and it seems quite implausible that anything will substantially change in the subsequent years. As 98% of all the smartphones in the world work on either

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How to Provide Digital Experience Management with Session Replay

Digital experience is extremely important for brand recognition and client satisfaction. Clients want substantial results, continuous availability, and high speeds. If done precisely, an enterprise can offer a great and smooth experience to the customers. The prime goal of d

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Golden Rules of User Onboarding in Fastest-Growing Mobile App Industry

The term ‘onboarding’ is described as a way of making somebody familiar with an application. This term was coined by the designers who deal with UX analytics. It’s a vital step to sw

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How To Use Heatmaps To Identify User Frustration

You have built a useful app and acquired a good amount of users too. However, user acquisition is just the first milestone. What happens when your hard earned users start abandoning the cart or uninstalling your app?  You must have pondered over the multiple reasons tha

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Learn How UserExperior Heatmap Tool Can Help Your Mobile App

In case you are still not utilizing a Heatmap tool, we would like to recommend UserExperior Heatmap tool. This premium tool comes with a wide range of

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