The Most Effective Way to Reproduce and Address App Crashes

Mobile app users are an impatient lot, they need apps to start out in four seconds or less. According to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, 61% of users expect apps to start out in four seconds or less and 49% users exp

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The Difference between Early Stage and Late Stage User Testing

To develop a highly usable product, user testing is inevitable. Designers follow many research strategies and the objective of these strategies change depending upon your position in the product design lifecycle. Early user testing depends on recognizing current patterns and

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Better User Experience Equals Better Findability

App designers sometimes try to adjust everything which is possible in a small usable space. As a result, the entire user interface gets messed up due to limited space in an app. Many modern designers look for a way to fit all necessitous features when they design an app and

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UserExperior Session Replay for Mobile App Experience Monitoring

Mobile app session recording is one of the key features of UserExperior, a smart app analytics tool. It offers scope for viewing precisely what the user was doing on your app and how the app responded to user interactions. It records the entire journey of yo

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Feature Update - An interactive dashboard to get your mobile app insights

One of the biggest challenges with analytics tools is that teams find it very difficult to analyze the data and get some value out of it. UserExperior has come up with our new Dashboard which provides you the Quantitative data and enables

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Why Touch Heatmap Is Essential For B2C App And E-commerce Business?

The touch heatmaps tool significantly helps E-commerce or any other B2C business model that revolves around providing seamless customer experience. The aim of such businesses includes providing t

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Increase User Engagement With Mobile App Touch Heatmaps tool

Identifying user behavior is crucial to take necessary steps to boost user engagement on your app. A touch heatmap tool helps you identify the pain points of app users by taking you through the e

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What is Real User Monitoring and Its Advantages

Real user monitoring is the ability to monitor your digital users/customers experience in real-time. There are many solutions which focus on real user monitoring such as performance monitoring

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9 Ideas on How to Reduce the Bounce Rate with Heatmap App - All You Need To Know

If your website has issues with the display, content, graphics, or any other aspect, then there are high chances that the visitor will exit your site and return to the search engine results. A heatmap tool Read More

Mobile App Analytics - An Important Driving Force in the Mobile Industry

Once you have built a mobile app that solves a real-life problem for its users, the next step is to gain and engage new users and generate revenue. This is where mobile app analytics tools come i

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