How to optimize UX using Heatmaps

What are heat maps?

A heatmap is a graphical representation of the data using a color-coding scheme to represent various values. Heatmaps are used in different forms of analytics but are most commonly used

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Heatmaps: Benefits and Common Issues for App Optimization

Enhancing your apps user experience has proved to boost conversion rates and retain users. However, at times it is the most neglected aspect. Most product managers focus on improving experience through in-app notifications/push notifications to increase conversions. They fai

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UX Analytics: What They Are, and Why They Matter

Mobile UX analytics is the analysis and assessment of user activities on an application that helps understand how its design can be suitable to fulfill the present or growing requirements of e

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Tips for Techies to keep Coronavirus at Bay

The impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is no different on the Tech industry. Techies are also equally and adversely affected by the global outbreak of nCov. Numerous Product launches have been postponed, dissenting the growth charts of these companies. HR departments have sent

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Top Ux Tips to Design An Exceptional Mobile App

App Development is becoming key for most businesses as they are now picking the mobile first route to interact and engage with more users. App UX can either make or mar the chances of your app becoming a success, hence it has become inevitable to ensure that your app is user

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Find the Best Session Replay Tool for Your Business

Do you wish to know what all users encounter while using your mobile app? Session replay helps accomplish that simply by making you aware of what all users do on your app.

Session replay is the recreation of the interactions of users on a mobile app precisely or as close as possible to how all users really encountered it. Session replay tools usually capture thing

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UserExperior Mobile Industry Glossary, All the Industry Terminology - All You Need To Know

Mobile app analytics is highly recognized these days. To be a master of app analytics you need to know the terminology of the mobile industry to the core. From app analytics to customer journey analytics Read More

Touch Heatmaps: The Future of Mobile App Usability Testing

Every click, swipe and tap that occurs on your app decides its entire usability. From swiping up to open a navigation menu or clicking to mark an item as favorite gestures are important bridges between your app and its end users. In case your users experience a slight amount

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What Is UX Analytics, And What Are The Best UX Analytics Tools

Have you checked your iOS or Android app analytics and found that your conversion rates are low while the bounce rates are high? Well, this is not a very good sign. You might not be able to pinpoint why your app pe

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